Open House Zine 2018, Lauren Velvick

The Open House was an informal evening of music and discussion about the politics and practicalities of housing posed the questions:

  • Who are new houses built for?
  • Do they relate to the ways we live now and will need or want to live in the future?
  • How can we develop new approaches to housing which support different demographics?

“‘Open House’ is the culmination of my ongoing research into Preston’s City Deal scheme and ways of facilitating meaningful discussion in times of crisis. The aim here was to produce a non-hierarchical environment whereby experts were brought into proximity to everyone else, and music was used as a way to literally and figuratively disrupt voices, thoughts and communication.” Lauren Velvick

The Open House event took place across the different rooms of an empty Victorian terraced house with activists, academics and housing professionals leading conversations about the UK’s housing culture, presenting alternative approaches, and inviting people to share their own experiences and ideas.

Listen to the Open House soundscape.