Learning from Preston 2017, The Decorators


The Decorators are a multidisciplinary art and design practice, who are part of the Greater London Authority’s Specialist Assistance team consulting on place activation, community activation and cultural curation.

Following their participation in The Expanded City symposium in June 2016, during which they presented their work, The Decorators became part of the ongoing programme of artworks. Research and development is currently underway and will culminate in a large-scale temporary architectural project in 2019, focusing on the multiple communities along Preston’s Garstang Road, an arterial passage connecting city’s hinterlands to its centre.

“The thing that we were most intrigued by on our bus trip and walk back along Garstang Road is what appears to us as the retrofitting of commercial/retail frontages… We think this retrofitting and change of use tells us a little something about how buildings along this road were developed”

Download the research document Learning from Preston.

Listen to the podcast of conversations along the Garstang Road:

“These conversations are part of a mapping of the Garstang Road, which we have bused, walked, photographed and in parts audio recorded to reveal some of the social, cultural and spatial delights that are to be found along this key road through Preston. These participating voices helped give us a more intimate insight into this busy road.”

The voices in this recording include:
Sheldon Ward from We Love Hair, 26 Garstang Road
Nicola Dickinson from Flame Urban Spa, 109 Garstang Road
Thomas Finch from Springfield Manor Gardens, 228 Garstang Road
Etty Crescenti from Slice of Sicily, 333 Garstang Road

These conversations are an accompaniment to the research document Learning from Preston.